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Banxso Platforms

Banxso has attracted thousands of traders from all over the world. And, because of our commitment to providing you with a variety of trading platforms to suit your goals, more and more traders are joining us every day.

We thrive in the trading industry because we enter the market with the crucial characteristics of a successful platform:

Commitment to education

Convinced that information is power, we make an effort to keep traders fully informed. There is nothing more self-sabotaging than trading solely based on intuition. To prevent traders from only trusting their gut feeling when trading, we have compiled a rich arsenal of educational materials. Our resources are designed to teach people to make trading decisions based on hard data and the insights of trading experts.

A rich choice of tools

Banxso is highly tech-savvy. We appreciate the advancement of technology and make sure to incorporate all the latest technological features and devices into our platform. When people trade with us, they have the most cutting-edge tools, techniques, and services at their disposal.

A variety of trading platforms

At Banxso, everyone is welcome. We cater to the needs of traders with different trading experience and financial goals. To accommodate traders from diverse backgrounds, we offer a variety of platforms. Each of these platforms boasts unique features and offers extra benefits in addition to our general services.

MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 is a multi-asset platform that is technologically equipped to enable comprehensive and flexible trading operations. The platform for if you’re looking beyond the world of forex.

Banxso’s Mobile Platform

Banxso’s mobile platform allows traders to enjoy trading even without a desktop. Trade on the go with Banxso’s platform for Android or IOS.